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Itinerant INCISIONS was a series of exhibitions, film screenings, lectures, interviews, performances, reading groups that occurred from 2011-2012 in Copenhagen Denmark. The Incisions series was committed to deciphering how aesthetics and criticism shape the broader context of knowledge production. The Incisions project is conceptualized as a forum for dialogue. Through exhibitions, film screenings, lectures, interviews, performances, reading groups, and a journal, the project offers intersecting sites for interrogating and understanding the production of meaning in the present moment. This project is a collaboration between Guston Sondin-Kung & Jane Jin Kaisen and has involved participants from various disciplines. 


Alice Maude-Roxby // Alfredo Jaar // AlKawakeb Magazine // Andrea Francke // Brett Bloom  // Bonnie Fortune  // Anu Ramdas // Avi Alpert // Christian Danielewitz // David Thorne // Eva Weinmayr // Garrett Scott // Guston Sondin-Kung // Ismar Cirkinagic // Jane Jin Kaisen // Jeannette Ehlers // Jennifer Kwon Dobbs // Joshua Mittleman // Julia Meltzer // Kajsa Dahlberg // Katrine Dirckinck-Holmfeld // Khaled Hourani // Larissa Sansour // Listen to the city // Maja Lee Langvad // Mihee Nathalie Lemoine // Mikala Dal //  Mosireen Collective // Nina Trige Andersen // Oreet Ashery // Patricio Guzmán // Rani Nair // Rob Lemkin // Soni Kum // Susan Stryker // Tamar Guimaraes // Tejpal S. Ajji // Tet Sambath // Yvette Brackman // Yong Soon Min // Yoshiko Shimada

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